June, 2011

Tune Of The Week - D/R/U/G/S - “Love Lust”

Track 1 check [Audio clip: view full post to listen]
D/R/U/G/S’s three-song debut Love / Lust was released through new Moshi Moshi imprint Tender Age in May.
D/R/U/G/S is the project of one Callum Wright and D/R/U/G/S craft some of the most euphoric, radical new music around. Made with the freeform attitude of synth visionary Oneohtrix Point [...]

Tune Of The Week - The Paper Scissors - “Taller Than You Then”

An absolute Trailer favourite.
Can’t stop playing it…..
We quite like this Backyard version also….
From the band that brought you the indie hit ‘We Don’t Walk’
‘The Paper Scissors’ are heading out on tour to celebrate the release of their new album!
In the age of 3:30 digital singles, The Paper Scissors are cutting against the grain with their [...]

June 2011 - TV/Film Music Reel