April, 2009

Alexander Robotnick

Sony Walkman - Danny - Composed By AGZILLA

Homecut Live Tour 2009

17 Mar The Tuesday Club, Sheffield University Sheffield
21 Mar Big Chill House London
5 Apr The Hifi Club Leeds
23 Apr Sela Leeds
24 Apr New Bohemia, Leeds
29 Apr Riot Jazz, Manchester
15 May Queen Elizabeth Hall Foyer, London

Federico Aubele ‘Amatoria’ LP Rel. ESL Music May 25th

Homecut - UK Debut Album “No Freedom Without Sacrifice”

This debut, three years in the making, is the bringing together of the experiences of rap workshops; the humbling of a Desmond Tutu hook up; beatboxing the Ghostbusters theme; performing for Oxfam and honors from The Beeb. This piece of work is a festival of decoration. Homecut has drawn together Nobel Peace Prize [...]